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Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa
Whitefield, New Hampshire
Sexo requerido: indistinto. Idioma: advanced.

Food & Beverage Waitstaff
Salario: $ 3,27 + tips
Fecha de ingreso: Diciembre 15-20
Fecha de finalización: Marzo 1-12
Horas de trabajo promedio: 30-32 per week average
La empresa:





Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is located in the beautiful mountains of Whitefield, New Hampshire. This is a year round destination location where visitors come to enjoy golfing and swimming in the Spring and Summer, hiking and leaf-peeping in the Fall and of course skiing in the winter.

Mountain View Grand originally started as a farmhouse, today they continue to nurture the land around them and raise farm animals. Families and friends come to enjoy the luxury of the resort, the quality services and the beautiful views and fresh mountain air. Come join our team and help us provide everyone with unforgettable experiences!


Reasons to join us this season:
·          Great hourly wages
·          Affordable housing is provided with walking across the lawn to work!
·          Use of the fitness facilities for limited cost.
·          Beautiful location with plenty of outdoor activities

Otros datos:

Activities Coordinator: To ensure activities are run efficiently and effectively and creating memorable, safe, exciting vacations for our guests.


Food & Beverage Waitstaff



Affordable housing is provided for $45.00 a week, dormitory style, and is on Mountain View Grand property

Rent is deducted directly out of check. A security deposit of $200.00 is required and will be collected prior to student's arrival in the USA. Students cannot start working until their housing deposit has been paid. 


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