Work and Travel USA - EMPLEADOR 417, PUESTO Kitchen Worker

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Treetops Ski Resort
Gaylord, Michigan

Kitchen Worker
Salario: $ 15.00 p/hour (tips not guaranteed)
Fecha de ingreso: Dic 18 (only this intake date)
Fecha de finalización: Mar 01 - 05
Horas de trabajo promedio: 32+
Sexo requerido: Femenino.
Nivel de Idioma: Intermediate to Upper intermediate.
Vacantes Disponibles: 2.
La empresa:

When it comes to winter adventure, ski resorts in Michigan have a lot to offer. When you’re ready to see what northern Michigan skiing is all about, come on up to the Treetops ski resort. We have more for you to do this winter than you can shake a ski at.

From skiing and extreme tubing to dog sledding and sleigh rides and our famous Skiable Feast, it would be silly to go anywhere else. When you experience our comfortable lodging, deluxe spa, and plentiful on-site dining options, you won’t want to leave.

At Treetops, we’re all about family and fun times, with a side of cool.




Otros datos:

Kitchen workers will focus on 'back of the house' duties; including a lot of cooking and prep cook;
stewarding (cleaning dishes); setting up for banquets; cleaning dining room; bussing; etc. Attending
guests needs with courtesy and friendliness. Proper use of chemicals and other cleaning supplies.
Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping. Picking up and transporting trash. Various other job duties as
assigned.Experience in cooking preferred.



ROOM ATTENDANT - HOUSEKEEPER (females only): Attending guests needs with courtesy and friendliness
Proper use of chemicals and other cleaning supplies.  Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping
Cleaning guest rooms including furniture, walls, kitchenettes, windows, sinks, tubs, toilets,
mirror, etc. Replenishing room items and stocking housekeeping carts Using a radio for communication with teammates Picking up and transporting trash



Lift Operations:

Preparing and maintaining loading & unloading areas for chair lifts, conveyor, and handle tow lifts Responsible for proper inspection and pre-operation checks before lift operations Engage with guests during lift operations
Check for guest lift tickets and proper identification during hours of operation Performs other duties as assigned


Provided. Students live in shared housing on site (2 miles). 2 people per bedroom. Beds, linen, dining room table & chairs, TV with satellite service, WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, 2 burner stove, shared washer & dryer.

Cost is $ 105 per person per week. Initial refundable deposit required.

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