Work and Travel USA - EMPLEADOR 341, PUESTO Food & Beverage Cashier, Busser, Cook Assistant, Dishwasher

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Keystone, Colorado

Food & Beverage Cashier, Busser, Cook Assistant, Dishwasher
Salario: $ 20.00 p/hora
Fecha de ingreso: Dic 06 - Dic 14
Fecha de finalización: Mar 05 - 15
Horas de trabajo promedio: 32-35
Sexo requerido: Ambos.
Nivel de Idioma: Upper intermediate - Advanced.
Vacantes Disponibles: 10+.
La empresa:

Arapahoe Basin  is a small ski area 60 miles west of Denver that offers big-mountain challenges and life-changing experiences for our employees and guests alike. Whether you’re here for a season or a lifetime, A-Basin is a place where dedicated and hard-working employees have a chance to shine!

Our culture is unique and laid back while still professional and guest-focused. We value team players who are dedicated, energetic, and who strive to give each of our guests a day worth repeating. If you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling role, in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Arapahoe Basin is the place for you.









Otros datos:

We are not your typical big-box resort and that’s what makes the vibe here so awesome – we know you by name. The number-one reason our employees continue to work here is their incredible coworkers.




Provided by the Employer. Housing approx cost is $650.00 per month, per person. Apartment/condominium style, fully furnished, 2 people per bedroom, up to 4 people sharing one bathroom.  Kitchen facilities provided in each unit. Initial refundable deposit required.






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