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Participate in this unique Teacher Program in Illinois State or across the US Midwest..!

Qualified international Bilingual Spanish teachers have the opportunity to teach in a school district near Chicago, Illinois or in any other mid west State for up to five years on the J-1 Teacher Program.


The program participation length is One - Three years with a possible Two year extension for a maximum of Five years total.

Teachers must be able to read, write, and speak both Spanish and English fluently.





Teachers must meet the following requirements:

• Be certified/qualified to teach grades K-12 in your country of nationality

• Earned a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Spanish

• Have at least two years of full-time K-12 teaching experience with at least some experience at an elementary school Currently teaching in home country or earned an advanced degree within the last 12 months                                     
• Be of good character and reputation (background check)
• Fluent in English and Spanish

• Agree to come to the U.S. temporarily as a full-time teacher in an accredited elementary, middle or high school, private or public schools.

• The program is seeking candidates who are qualified to teach Math, Science, World Language, Spanish Bilingual, Special Education, Social Studies, or English Language Arts for a variety of Host School positions.



Position Information:

Positions available include grades K-6 Bilingual Spanish Teachers. Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois or some other US States.


Estimated starting annual salary: USD 35,000  -  USD 45,000 depending on years of experience and degree.


Estimated housing cost: USD 900 – USD 1200 per month depending on location.



Program Dates:

Program starts on July-August of each year. Bookings  and applications are from January to May.  Your will travel with the J1 visa and J-2 visa is allowed (extra cost).





Placement Fee & Program Fee may be substantially sponsored and being partially or fully paid

by the US Host School where you will be teaching..! 


Thanks for inquiring!