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WELCOME ABROAD - José Ingenieros 3030 Of.15 - San Isidro. (+54-11) 4732-0647
Please check the below job list !
Puestos de Trabajos disponibles: 0
Sexo requerido: indistinto
Idioma: Upper Intermediate to Advanced
Salario: Please check below for wages..
Fecha de ingreso: Dic 04 - 31
Fecha de finalización: Mar 01 - 31
Horas de trabajo promedio: 30-35

Employer provides multiple housing options for participants. Housing assignments will be done at the discretion of the employer. Up to 20 miles from Employer location. Shuttle vans provided for employees at no cost 7-days per week with stops at grocery store available daily.
Housing Cost $475 to $675 per month, varies by location


La empresa:

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