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Squeaky Burger Restaurant
Granby, Colorado
Sexo requerido: Ambos. Idioma: advanced.
Salario: $ 10.50 p/hour
Fecha de ingreso: Dec 1 - 15
Fecha de finalización: Mar 15-31
Horas de trabajo promedio: 35-40
La empresa:




Who Is This Guy?

"Squeaky Bob's" Restaurant, which opened in the mid-1900's, originally occupied our current space, now "Squeaky B's."

“Squeaky Bob” Wheeler, so named because of his high-pitched voice, homesteaded 160 acres in Grand Lake’s Phantom Valley after serving with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War.  Wheeler, an exceptional cook and story teller, decided to open a tent-cabin resort along the Colorado River.  The lumpy mattresses and extremely primitive accommodations were easily forgotten by most guests as they enjoyed a lively yarn spun by “Squeaky Bob” combined with his excellent meals, and as rumor has it some of the best “home brew” in the country. He was so popular with the increasing number of visitors to Grand Lake that he expanded his tent cabins and called his main lodge “Hotel de Hardscrabble” often frequented by Teddy Roosevelt himself!

It is said that Squeaky Bob loved a good burger and cooking with fresh ingredients.  To honor the legend of Squeaky Bob, his namesake restaurant, Squeaky B’s serves all natural, prime Red Angus beef from Colorado ranchers. We source our brats from Colorado specialty meat artisans, find local and premium ice creams and always make our fries fresh each day.

Our mission is quality: Quality of food.  Quality of Service.  Quality of Experience.  Quality of Life.


Otros datos:

Located in Grand Lake, Colorado

Denver = 102 miles

Granby = 15 miles





Housing is dormitory / hotel style with 2-4 students per room at a cost of USD 200 p/month.

Housing located at the employer site.



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